The Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) is an independent, non-profit making alliance of civil society organizations in the health sector interested in promoting equitable access to quality, affordable and responsive health care services in Malawi. MHEN achieves this through influencing policy formulation, review, and practice. The Network was formed in the year 2000 and got registered with the Government of Malawi in 2004. The network was formed after being in touch with EQUINET and appreciated the need to have national network focusing on health advocacy. The Network uses strategies which include lobby and advocacy, research, civic education and information sharing.


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All people in Malawi have access to equitable, quality, affordable and responsive essential health care services.


To advocate and lobby for the health systems that promotes the delivery of equitable and quality health care services by influencing policy and practice through research, monitoring and evaluation.

Principles & Values

MHEN lives by the following PrinciplesĀ  and Values: Social Responsibility for Health, Health as a Human Right, People Centered Health Sector, Solidarity within the Network, and the Commitment among our Membership.


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